Sexy Time Position Spinner Enamel Pin



 Let the canoodling begin!

This fun spinner pin is perfect for those looking to be a bit more adventurous, or who need help picking a certain position during sexytimes! 

Pins are approximately 2" tall and will feature 2 backing pins, as well as a movable spinner....ya know to choose to mood ;) 



  • approximately 2" tall 
  • Gradient pink to purple colors were used. Pins will have both gold and silver raised alloy options! 
  • includes exclusive pin backing card
  • Pins will feature 2 post backing with rubber backing. 
  • "A" grade has no cosmetic Flaws, "B" grade may feature small cosmetic flaws and will be discounted. 


*Final pins may feature color variants that differentiate from the picture above. We will strive to make pin coloring reflect the picture to the best of our ability! and extra enamel to strengthen the integrity of the finished pin. We will strive to have our pins reflect the image below to the best of our ability.