Pin Grading Guide

Pins are made using a mold, are filled with enamel by hand and polished. We strive to provide amazing pins, but recognize that not every pin can be perfect. Below is our guide so you understand what grade of pin you are purchasing! 



-The Standard “A” Pin- 

- Features very little to zero flaws on the face of the pin

- Possible discoloration of the metals

 -Small scratches or very minor divots present

-B Grade Pin- 

Features few noticeable imperfections which can include: 

-Small black marks or smudges

-Noticeable scratches or scuffs on surfaces

-Noticeable pores in enamel or divots

-Noticeable dust or surface imperfections

-Small color discolorations 

-Seconds “C” Grade- 

Pins which feature major flaws or imperfections which include:

-Enamel missing, 

-Large/deep scratches, scuffs or large divots

-Overflow of Enamel or enamel color bleeding

-Posts wiggly or bent

-Noticeable black areas or dust accumulation 

-Imperfections in production or unforeseen issues

 -Major color differences. 

P4P Pins: 

- Our P4P pins are graded for major flaws or issues, however for P4P pins it is possible to receive a Standard "A" grade or "B" grade pin. We will strive to ensure that everyone who preorders a P4P pin receives the highest quality pin available, but due to the nature of P4P pins we cannot guarantee our typical "A" standard pins. 





  • Enamel pin colors may vary depending on your screen or photo. Pin production uses Pantone colors which do not support RGB coloration, for this reason we cannot guarantee that colors will match 100% 
  • This grading scale is used to provide our standards for pin production. When purchasing our pins it is assumed that you have read, understood, and have agreed to this grading scale. 

For any questions regarding our grading please feel free to contact us through our contact page.