Sphynx Chibi Kitta Ita Backpack



By a happy little accident, we now have the Sphynx Chibi Kitta Ita bag available! This bag is Ready to ship, and features an improved design of our original Kitta Ita bag! 

This particular bag will include Backpack straps, magnetic cat ears that attach to the top, a cat tail keychain for the bottom of the bag, and two maroon-colored inserts for the top and bottom display windows. 

This Kitta Ita was made in the wrong color and is separate from our Kitta Ita Chibi Kickstarter campaign. 


  • Approximately 8.5" tall, 8" wide, and 5.5" deep
  • Two display windows for enamel Pins: approximately top display is 6.5" wide by 2" tall, and the bottom display is 6.75" wide and 4.2" tall 
  • Backpack straps included are 3/4 inches wide and adjustable from 26.5"-48" long. 
  • Gunmetal hardware including custom sakura flower zipper pulls* Zipper pulls have been improved from the 1.0 Kitta Ita bags to be more secure.

*This bag unlike the other Kitta Ita bags will not come with a cross-body strap.