Kitta ITA Backpack and Crossover Bag



The Kitta Ita has finally arrived! 

Our first-ever Ita project is finally here and we’re so excited that this project--a year in the making can finally be shared with everyone! We have limited extra bags, but plan to order more for a larger drop in June 2023! 

Bag Dimensions: 

  • 16” tall 
  • 13” wide 
  • 4.5” deep

Outside of the bag features: 

  • Two snap/magnetic cat ears that attach or can be removed from the top of the bag
  • Cat tail keychain that can be removed from the bottom of the bag where other keychains can attach
  • Two ⅞” wide and 43.5” long straps can be used to make the bag into a backpack
  • One ⅞” wide and 60” long strap will allow the bag to be used as an over-the-shoulder or cross-body bag
  • Two display areas to show off your beautiful pin, badge, and keychain collection! 
  • 4 custom sakura zipper pulls
  • Both silver and gold hardware depending on the color chosen
  • Durable vegan leather that will hold its shape over time! 

Inside the bag features: 

  • Top Display: 10” wide by 3.25” tall 
    • Includes a pocket behind the insert and a hidden zipper pocket to include locked backings and extra pins. 
  • Bottom Display: 11” wide by 7” tall 

Main Pocket Includes: 

  • Internal zipper pocket
  • Large pocket with 3 separate pockets on top
  • Two bottle pockets are on the sides which are perfect for water bottles!
  • A velcro laptop storage pocket that fits an iPad pro and up to a 14” laptop computer



  • Approximately 16x13x4.5" in size 
  • Gold or Silver hardware including custom sakura zipper pulls
  • 2 magnetic ears and keychain tail 
  • three straps, two backpacks, and one crossbody strap included. 
  • 2 inserts (one for the top and bottom display)