Round 6 Green Tossed AOT
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Round 6 Green Tossed AOT

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Round 6 Rerun Fabric

*TIny Scale*: characters will be approximately 1"-1.5" in size

*Regular Scale*: Characters will be approximately 2.5"-3" in size 


*Vinyl is 18"xWOF *It is suggested to interface vinyl given it's soft backing* 



  • Pre-order Geeklectic Fabric terms and conditions: 

    • QTY: 
      • 1 Yard = 36xWOF
      • 2 yards *continuous fabric
    • Pre-orders include fabric that is not on hand. Pre Orders may take anywhere from 6-14 weeks to process once the round has closed. This includes the steps of: - submitting order to the printer, printing time, and shipping time. Our hope is that this ETA will also include the cutting, and shipping out rounds to our customers! 
    • We encourage our customers to use paypal to protect their order! Please understand that any claims, cancelations etc… that occur within the pre-order ETA will result in immediate banning. 
    • We currently do not offer Sezzle, or Layaway options. We will hopefully be looking into this at a future date! 
    • Washing instructions will be included with your purchase and will be included upon receiving your fabrics! We suggest you follow washing instructions to have the best results for your fabric while retaining its original integrity. 
      • We recommend that fabrics (both woven and cotton lycra) are washed with color catchers or synthrapol and tried on high heat. 
      • Shrinkage of a few inches is possible***** Fabric that will arrive will be minimally 36” and normal shrinkage may be up to 2-3”. 
    • Standard fabric size: 36xWOF (approximately 56-58 inches) 
    • Flaws: Minor flaws (quarter size or smaller) are not eligible for returns or refunds. Any flaw larger than this will be eligible for a partial refund. Shipping delays or mail that is lost is NOT a refundable cause. Please add Route Shipping insurance if you want additional coverage. Geeklectic fabrics are not responsible for lost or damaged fabric due to shipping. 
    • Different fabric bases may vary in color intensity. This is normal, and is also not considered a flaw! If you have questions about the fabric you receive please feel free to contact us at 
    • Holes or white strips within 2 inches of the selvage are normal. Please inspect your fabric upon receiving it. After 5 days of delivery of fabric we are unable to provide any partial refunds, exchanges, or returns. 
    • In the event that your item is flawed due to our error we will be updating our group on FB, and offering partial refunds as well as refunds. Buyer is responsible for returning shipping. **In the event that a full refund is issued refunds will include the original fabric costs, original shipping costs only. Return shipping will not be included. 
    • Flaws will be announced on our facebook page and customers will have the option of accepting a partial refund, or complete refund. In the event that a customer does not reply within 5 days a partial refund will be provided. 
    • Colors may vary batch by batch. We will be using the same printer for our printing needs, but due to their materials and such reran fabrics may appear differently. 
    • If you do have a flaw that you notice please contact me! I am more than happy to address any concerns. 
    • By ordering from this page and clicking “accept terms and conditions” you agree to the rules outlined in the Facebook Group as well as our policies and terms/conditions outlined on our Facebook Group. In addition you agree to all that has been specified above. 
    • By purchasing through Geeklectic Fabrics you agree the seller is not responsible for any lost or damaged orders that may occur through the shipping entity. For lost, stolen, or damaged products it is the buyers responsibility to follow the appropriate steps outlined through USPS. 

    *Photos used on this listing may consist of clothing, bags, and other sewn items by our amazing Strike team! You are not purchasing the finished product, but rather the fabric design (base may by different) depicted in the photos. 


    Cotton Lycra: 

    1-3 yards CL: $8.45 PFRE

    4-7 yards: $15.00 MFRB

    7+ yards: $21.50 LFRB


    1-6 yards: $8.45 PFRE

    7-15 yards :$15.00 MFRB

    16+ yards: $21.50 LFRB

    Do you ship Internationally? 

    Yes we do offer International shipping! Due to shipping costs, the exact price for shipping varies by country. Geeklectic Fabrics is not responsible for any VAT or custom charges that your country may charge. 

    *** We will not alter custom forms or say that fabric is a “gift” please do not ask***

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