Gachapon Spins
Gachapon Spins

Gachapon Spins

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Buy Gachapon Spins and Win!

 Gachapon is a game of chance and depending on how many tickets you purchase will determine how many prizes you win!
1 spin = 1 coin 
Each spin corresponds to a numbered prize ball which will then correspond to a specific prize
Draw a heart? You get a free choice + FREE SPIN!
*Please refer to our prize catalog to see what prize corresponds to each number
Want to see your wins live? Please include your social media handle so we can tag you! Live streams will occur on Instagram or Tiktok! 


Cost to play

Tickets to spin are $8.00 
-Prizes won can either be the equivalent or more than the price of the initial spin. 
-Pins and charms are standard or "A" grade pins. Please refer to our grading guidelines here


- Spins are not refundable

- Prizes cannot be swapped, exchanged, or returned. 
- Social handle must be provided at the time of check out via the notes in the cart. 
- To ensure duplicates do not occur, balls will not be placed back inside the Gachapon machine 
- Gachapon is a game of chance, we Livestream our spins to ensure that the integrity of the game. Balls are shown at the beginning of entering the machine to ensure integrity of the game. 

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