Fugikasane Wisteria Demon Slayer Inspired Soy Candle



 This beautiful candle is what we imagine what Fugikasane mountain smells like with the wisteria and mountain rain. This candle will be a great addition for fans of the anime for your own collection or make a great gift. 

Candles are 100% soy-based and feature a wooden wick for perfect long-term burning to optimize most of the candle. An Amethyst stone, wisteria flowers, and rose petals adorn the top of the candle that making it not only pretty to look at but hard to burn! 

**The flowers, rose petals, and stone should be removed prior to burning the candle**



  • Sample tealight or 8oz sizes available  
  • features a wooden wick
  • scents include wisteria, mountain rain 
  • 100% soy-based
  • *Slight variations of stone size and color, flower/petal layout may be different than product photo as each candle is handmade* 
  • ******Flowers and stone should be removed prior to burning the candle. Warning card/instruction is included******