Darling Attitude, Holographic Darling in the Franxx Parody Anime Inspired Sticker Decal



This sticker is great for Darling fans who want to make a statement! 02 is her cute self giving you the Jian. A holographic version of our most popular sticker! The holographic area's gleam and shine all colors of the rainbow. Holographic stickers are waterproof, dishwasher safe, UV protected, and can be placed practically anywhere! 

Great for the car, waterbottles, skateboards, tablets, computers, phones, etc...! 


Our holographic sticker is available in one size only for now, which is a 3" wide sticker, approximately 2.7" tall. 


  • Waterproof and UV protected which allows the sticker to be placed nearly on every flat surface! 
  • One size, 3" at largest dimension.